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Complete transparency. If you find that any establishment has not honored your Youth Pass ('Carné Joven'), fill out this form and turn it in to any Youth Information Office or to the Asturian Youth Institute.
If you would like to find out which establishments offer discounts and advantages when presenting your Youth Pass, select one of the following options:

There is a wide range of advantages, from those services offered by different businesses to those offered by various organizations, administrations, "la Caixa" and the Youth Pass ("CARNÉ JOVEN") itself.


Here you will find that there are many advantages when using services and purchasing products: transportation, travelling, accommodation, visits to museums, schools and academies, sports events and more. You can also take advantage of travel insurance, which is valid until December 31, 2012, provided that you renew your Youth Pass when your current pass expires.


How do I find out about these advantages?

It is not complicated, given that when you obtain the Youth Pass ("CARNÉ JOVEN"), you can go to any branch of "la Caixa" and request the list of advantages available to you in the Autonomous Community of Asturias, according to the city or town and the services that interest you. You can also find out more about the advantages of the Youth Pass by visiting the Principality of Asturias website:, or you can also search the establishments using the locator on the lower left-hand side of this webpage.